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This intensive workshop is our ultimate Entrepreneur's primer.  We gathered information from our industry members, service providers and experienced mentors to create a comprehensive workshop that covers the critical points entrepreneurs need to know when going from an idea to a business.

We'll cover the essentials you need to build a foundation for your business and common sticking points that hinder growth in early stages.  Some topics will include, market validation and traction, corporate structure and financing.

**Wednesday, March 13th, 2019**

What to Expect

Listen and Learn

We call this workshop intensive for a reason.  We've built this course for busy entrepreneurs, and cover a lot of great information in a short time.  We'll have presentations from various experts and time for QnA.  Get ready to take notes!

Take Home Materials

We provide you with an entrepreneur's check list to make sure you're building a strong foundation for your business, as well as access to our business plan presentation deck template.  This template is a key part of the curriculum that guides our accelerator program.  If you're looking to be paired with a mentor team as part of SDSI Accelerator, this workshop will help you prepare.

Sports Focus, Open to All

SDSI is a not-for-profit organization that exists to support the growth of the Sports and Active Lifestyle (SAL) community in San Diego.  Our Accelerator and Master mentoring programs are only open to SAL businesses, however we recognize that the needs and hurdles of early stage business are often similar, so this workshop is open to businesses and services of all industries.

 What’s on the Agenda?

Topics covered by our team of experts include:

  • The basics of starting a business

  • Corporate Structure and Taxes

  • Proof of Concept and Go to Market Strategy

  • Finance basics and funding methodologies

  • Entrepreneurial success and mind set

What Does It Cost?

The fee for this half day workshop is $150.00 and includes breakfast, time for QnA with our experts and take home materials. We purposely keep this workshop small to make sure each person in attendance has ample time to interact with our experts and ask questions.

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