SDSI is focused on the Sport and Active Lifestyle (SAL) companies in or near San Diego City and County. Our membership involves SAL Industry companies, and the Service Providers who actually make the wheels of Business go around.
SDSI coined the acronym SAL to make sure we were inclusive of the many categories of businesses who find themselves in the “San Diego Lifestyle.” hike and bike, to birdwatch to soccer, surf to golf, big and little… It’s all part of the reason we live and work here. SDSI is an association of master networkers, all trying to improve our businesses and sometimes help others do the same. For an idea of who is involved, take a look at our Member Directory, Advisory Board, and Board of Directors.

There are few reasons: at a high level to help us make San Diego the capital of the SAL industry. From an inward looking point of view, Industry members are supported by some of the very best service companies in San Diego. From banking to real estate, from legal to marketing, book keeping to HR, SDSI service providers are accessible to you. Our meeting schedules make it possible to meet up directly: that networking is always the most beneficial.
And of course there are nearly 65 Industry companies among the various Boards; they represent an amazing networking opportunity… Rolodex’s on steroids! Take a look at some of our past events.

The Board of Directors and Advisory Board meet once per Quarter. The General Membership meets 6 or more times per year. The General Membership meetings are organized under an umbrella called Founder’s Skill Sets. As of this writing, we have featured workshops about Amazon, Kickstarter, company valuation and techniques for funding businesses.  We have also had the pleasure to meet at GoPro and American Wave Machines to see and share their very interesting businesses. It’s an active and very “authentic” group.

How Much?
Please have a look at the documents below for virtually all the membership categories. If you need more, please give us a call.

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