A warm welcome to San Diego, California.

SDSI is business development organization focused on Sport and Active lifestyle companies in San Diego. 

Join San Diego Sports Innovators in our mission to grow our businesses and play a more active role in establishing San Diego as the home of the Sport and Active Lifestyle industry.

Did you know…

  • The Sport and Active lifestyle industry employees over 37,000 people in San Diego?
  • That San Diego Sports Active Lifestyle Industries account for $1.4 BILLION in economic activity?
  • That San Diego ranks 2nd among the top 25 Leading cities in America in Patents per 1000 of population, technical degrees and number 1 in the % of 18 to 34 year olds?
  • That the SUM of the Sport and Active lifestyle Companies’ comprise what is widely known as the “San Diego Lifestyle?”


SDSI's Mission

Establish San Diego as the Number 1 location for the Sport and Active Lifestyle industry.  We intend to build and celebrate San Diego’s rich entrepreneurial sports heritage.  In the same way that Boulder is known as the hub of the Outdoor business, we intend to establish San Diego as the hub of the Sport and Active Lifestyle industry.

Seasoned Crew

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At SDSI we network, mentor, incubate and and educate…it is our daily activity. Often we are simply a catalyst in connecting people, businesses and opportunity and it is in that role that we are proposing to establish a network of sport centric clusters, specifically for Sport Active Lifestyle Companies

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Why San Diego?

Why San Diego? We have a rich heritage in pioneering sport lifestyles ranging from surfing and skate and wake boarding to current sports industry hubs for Golf, Cycling, Motor Sports, Triathalon, cycling, Paddle sports , Yoga, training and wearable technologies to name just a few. Sport Companies and Top athletes gravitate to San Diego for its world class weather, beautiful and clean oceans to the west, and majestic mountains and desert to the east. Combine them all with the adjacency to Mexico and its emerging reputation for world class manufacturing and you have the hub of our business

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