The below documents are required as part of the application process. Please have them ready at the time you complete the online application form found below.

1. One Page Executive Summary (front and back is okay)
2. Completed SDSI Springboard Presentation Template  (download the template below)
3. Mandatory 1-2 min video including company elevator pitch describing: company/product, team and market opportunity
4. Springboard Online Application Form (submit via application form found Below)
5. Company Logo
6. Companies with consumer products are required to send a product sample to be reviewed by the Screening Committee.

Please send samples by February 19th, 2018 to:
Dana Rowley
253 S. Highway 101, Unit C
Solana Beach, CA 92075

1. Please carefully read ALL steps of the application process. An incomplete application can cause delays and possible non-acceptance into SDSI Springboard.

2. Please DO NOT DISCLOSE ANY PROPRIETARY BUSINESS OR TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION. Our policy is to keep your information confidential; however, we cannot guarantee its security. We will not ask you to disclose any proprietary information about your technology or invention; however no one involved in SDSI Springboard either in the preparation phase or at the panel presentations will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The SDSI team and volunteers have agreed to maintain the highest standards of integrity with regard to your business activities.

3.  Download the REQUIRED Springboard Presentation Template found below. This is what you will present if you are approved for a Springboard Intake Panel. Please fill out the slides to the best of your ability. We understand you may not be able to fill out this template in its entirety, we suggest you focus on the slides that best demonstrate your product/service, market opportunity, brand, competition, customer and team.  We encourage you to brand your presentation as your own. Do not delete slides that you cannot complete, rather use them as a place holder and make note that you need assistance. If accepted into the SDSI Springboard Program you will acquire mentors who will guide you through the process of refining this presentation, filling in holes in your business model and preparing you and your business to be sustainable and scalable.



4. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the below application form are required fields. If the question does not apply to you, indicate ‘N/A’ in the field. We highly recommend you complete the full application in a word document first, and then copy and past your answers into this form to prevent loss of information. If you get "timed out" of the form, your answers will not be saved. 


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Send via dropbox to - title the file: CompanyName_Video
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