Psst…Don’t Tell Bill Walton! Seriously, it's a Secret!

Update 5/16/16: For some photos from the event, CLICK HERE

Question: So what do you do for a guy with this resume? (this is only the highlight reel)
•    National all-time high school record for field goal percentage at 79%
•    Number 3 all-time rebounder nationally in the history of high school basketball
•    Won A LOT of consecutive basketball games beginning with 49 games at Helix High School, 20 games his freshman year at UCLA and was a part of the record-holding 88 game win streak at UCLA while winning two national championships.  This might be the best record in the history of sports.
•    3-time Academic All American 1972-74
•    3-time NCAA Player of the Year Award 1972-74
•    1973 James E Sullivan Award winner as the Top Amateur Athlete in the USA
•    2-time NBA Champion- Portland 1977, Boston 1986
•    NBA Finals MVP 1977
•    NBA MVP 1978
•    Basketball Hall of Fame
•    NBA 50th Anniversary Team
•    A guy who says: “I love San Diego. I love my chair. My Bike is my gym, my wheelchair, and my church”
•    Big time supporter of Challenged Athlete’s Foundation
•    Patient Ambassador of “The Better Way Back”
•    A New York Times Bestselling Author of, Back from the Dead
•    ESPN/Pac-12 network announcer
•    An all-around amazing person who loves San Diego above all else and does everything in his power to continue to make it a better place for all of us to live

ANSWER: You make a gigantic full sized statue of Bill with his bike, and you put it in a prominent place in San Diego where everyone can share the stoke called “Bill!”
That's what’s going to happen. It’s still a secret from Bill for now, but we would like to invite you personally to come to the unveiling May 14, 8:00 am Ski Beach at Vacation Road.  As long as Bill actually does not find out about this, he will be there to led the Three Wise Men (3WM) Memorial Ride. This is a great endeavor all by itself. The 3WM Foundation is a non profit organization led by Nathan Fletcher that addresses head on, the very troubling high rate of suicides among military men mustering out into our civilian world.

The 3WM Memorial Ride is one component of a super weekend centered around the Amgen Tour of California (ToC) which starts the very next day for the first time ever in San Diego. See the full weekend event details below.
Bring yourself and friends for the 8:00 am unveiling on Saturday May 14. Let’s try to give back to Bill just a little…there’s no way we can do more for our favorite San Diegan!