2018 SDSI Accelerator Impact Report


Though SDSI has been mentoring Sports and Active Lifestyle businesses in one form or another since 2007, the data for this report spans 2008 - 2018, when the program took on the structure it has today. In that time, the program has graduated 86 Sports and Active Lifestyle companies.

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Research the failure rate of start-ups and small businesses, and you’ll find some startling numbers. Depending on industry and measurement, failure rates range from 90% - 44%. We believe knowledge is the key to turning these numbers around, and our numbers prove it. The failure rate of our program graduates is only 18%.

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Not all companies come to our program looking to raise funds, but many do. And turns out, our program is a great way to ready yourself and your company for investment. Over the course of business, 74% our program graduates have successfully raised funding.


Lifestyle companies often face unique challenges in raising funds. Our program does not have a direct link to funding, however our graduates have amassed a total of $85.9 Million in capital raised from a variety of sources - even including VC deals made on Shark Tank.

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Companies that graduate our program have generated a total of 545 jobs, with a large majority of those positions being right here in San Diego. When you’re building a business based on passion, sometimes its not just about the big exit. We’re proud to be a San Diego Business Accelerator and support the creation of jobs in our community.

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According to the 2010 census, the male/female ratio in San Diego is almost exactly 50/50, and we’re happy to report that our program mirrors that ratio. Globally, only 17% of startups have a female founder or executive and we’re doing our part to change that number.

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Milestones Achieved in 2018

  • 38% Launched new product/service

  • 28% Established strategic partnership(s)

  • 27% Secured a license agreement

  • 26% Extended product/service line offering

  • 26% Secured intellectual property (trademark, patent granted)

  • 23% Added an advisor or director

  • 21% Expanded headcount with key talent

  • 21% Extended into new market(s)

  • 19% Applied for intellectual property

  • 11% Received regional or national recognition

Industry Breakdown

  • 68% Consumer Products

  • 20% Software/SaaS

  • 20% Wellness

  • 9% Food & Beverage

  • 9% Mobile Apps

  • 8% Wearable Technology

  • 3% Internet of Things

  • 5% Hardware

  • 5% Big Data Analytics

  • 5% Mobile Health

  • 9% Other


Funding Targets For Graduates Actively Seeking Funding in 2018:

  • 11% : < 250K

  • 42% : $250 - $499K

  • 37% : $500 - $999K

  • 11% : $1M - $2.9M

  • 6% : $5M +

When I started the program, I was barely breaking 100k in total revenue. Through SDSI’s program and
expansive network, I’ve been able to grow the company in less than four years to surpass 1 million in revenue.
— Andy Gossett, President CORSurf, 2015 Graduate

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