Springboard Outreach - YOU can help!

Happy New Year! We are back here at the office and 2017 is looking very good with some exciting announcements coming out of SDSI.  K2 Insurance Services has stepped up as our Lead Sponsor for SDSI Springboard 2017!  A Big Thanks to Pat Kilkenny and his belief in the positive good Springboard brings to the entrepreneurial community in Southern California. 

“I think it’s fantastic that SDSI puts this amount of effort into helping San Diegans create successful businesses,” said Pat Kilkenny CEO & Chairman of K2 Insurance Services. “It’s an organic part of K2 so we are happy to support SDSI”.

We know you are already believers but, as a reminder SDSI Springboard is a really good thing! This program helps 10-15 companies each year become better positioned for success and our mentor community collectively donate more than 2,000 of hours of their time and expertise to make this program possible this year.  And all this essentially for no cost to the participants, only the price of a General Membership to SDSI.  

Here is how you can help: Help us spread the word about the application period which is now open through February 13. Please post the pre-written posts below. Attached is a graphic ready to be included with your posts.  Or you can share/tweet the SDSI posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We are also always in need of good mentors.  If you know any experienced Entrepreneurs that could make impact on a growing business, please refer them to Renne.


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