October? Oh No! (and Oct Newsletter)

October brings Halloween, but that's not the only frightening event that happens this month: 2018 budgets everywhere are being finalized. All those “trends” we clairvoyant few perceived last spring are being converted into forecasts, also known as “promises,” monetized and added to 2018 budgets.

I can’t help the process much, but you can help us. “How,” I hope you said?  The answer is simple: Don’t forget to include your SDSI membership to your 2018 budget!

Just in case your Board, CEO or more likely CFO wonder what we do and why SDSI is worthy of your time and money, let me list a few reminders:
1.      SDSI is a 501C3, Not for Profit and dues are fully deductible for corporations and individuals
2.      SDSI is really a job generator: we help birth and accelerate companies (70 in the Springboard program alone.)
3.      SDSI graduate companies in Springboard have an 87% success record!
4.      41% of our graduate companies are led by women.
5.      SDSI mentors will donate, gratis, 1,600 hours this year - all to help others succeed.

My point of view is that SDSI is worthy of your time and money. Of course, we hope you share that vision; your support really makes a difference.

From a more tactical point of view, we also collaborate in accelerating businesses within our 110 member roster. Executive education is a reality when Guy Kawasaski speaks to our group… or Jeff Kearl… or our friend Beaver Theodosakis. Our General membership comes with amazing networking and a working series of events called the Founder’s Tool Box, things every young CEO/Founder should know. Our collective Rolodex is focused on our industry and nothing else. We are not a business card exchange club. We are about sharing resources, discussing issues and challenges that mean something in our space.

Remember that we as an economic engine rank right behind Ship Building in town. There are 37,000 people employed in our industry here. We rack up collective sales estimated to be in excess of $4 Billion dollars annually. Best of all, our businesses are focused on Sports, Active and healthy lifestyles. Our products are the San Diego Lifestyle.

So please remember to add us to the 2018 Budget and help us make it a great year!

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