Neuro Hacking? CRISPR? Enhanced Reality? [November Newsletter]


As a child of the 60’s, believe me when I say “enhanced reality” was an entirely different thing than it is in the 21st Century! Think about sports 10 years from now and your viewing habits… taking your joy stick to view any angle you like… into the huddle, fly over the linebacker… feel the crunch of those 350 pound super men down in the trenches. By the way, these athletes may have had their DNA fine-tuned for the NFL through CRISPR therapies. And they will surely be neuro hacked to optimize the brain-body relationship.

Home Computer… what’s that? Any child under 2 years old today will never see one. Television… nope. Maybe you, but surely your kids, will take in all sports, and most education through VR enhanced mobile devices… live stream it, pinch it off or send it to your 90 inch screen. Having vision challenges in all of this… glasses will disappear, replaced by an AR system that tracks your eye movement and focal point.

The Future is here, ready or not. So carve out a day and join us January 18th for the Future of Sports event at the Qualcomm Innovation Lab at UCSD. The tickets are available here. We can promise you that when you emerge from a visit to The Innovation Lab VR cave, your vision about the Future will be different, really different. The technology of the Future is here right now and we are happy to present it to you on Jan 18. Time for Change!

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