What's up in the SDSI 'hood?

Too much! The pulse of our business cycle seems to be associated with the school calendar. Summers are nice and low key. Fall is much busier… Spring…craazzy!

Last week we had one of our four annual Leadership Dinners at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa. This one, sponsored by long time SDSI supporter Procopio, featured David Wells, Yankee perfect game pitcher. What an extraordinary night. David related some MLB memories and shared the amazing story of growing up a “gym rat” in OB. As you can imagine there were plenty of questions related to playing in the Majors, throwing one of only 21 perfect games, playing for Sparky Anderson (his favorite) and Joe Torre (his least favorite). I think it would be fair to say all were transfixed, including guests Mayor Faulconer, Bill Walton, Peter Ripa from the Farmers Insurance Open and other assorted San Diego VIP’s. We all went home with an autographed ball…under my pillow at home! These Leadership events are a rare chance for SDSI to bring forward our value to the Business Community. Many thanks to Procopio for making this happen.

OK, trivia “bar winner” question from David Wells: What is the only high school in America to produce two Perfect Game Pitchers? …Point Loma High! Please send 10% of all trivia bet wins to us asap!

MLS coming to town?...There’s too much to detail here, so let me be lazy and add a link with the latest on these efforts. But there’s no doubt about our position: 100% FOR. Let’s be honest… head injuries in football are a huge concern for all players. The NFL is working on solutions but there is no way back for those who have suffered traumatic head injuries, unfortunately. But from a U.S. societal point of view, I believe it’s fair to say that more and more parents prefer their children find an alternative sport, and in most places, that is Soccer. It’s not perfect either. Headers remain a challenge, but in general it is safer and far more inclusive - little boys and girls to adults. Having a MLS franchise will be a bellwether for youth soccer here in the county and a great rallying point. Hopefully SDSU will soon see the value and get emotionally on board. It’s been a while since a group of San Diegans have stepped up and made a proposal so fantastically good for San Diego. Two SDSI members, Surf Cup and soccerloco are very active and enthused…us too!

Omni Channel CEO Conference…SDSI members wrestle with the conundrum of modern business every day. The advent of social media and wireless communication has shifted the epicenter of purchasing from the hands of the industry into the hands of the consumer. Balancing selling efforts and protecting branding across all channels is a tall order. SDSI, through Red Door Interactive, Quiverr and Wells Fargo Capital Finance, is presenting a forum next week featuring L2 Digital Partners and guest speaker David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock. The topic…Omni Channel Strategy of course. This event is “sold out” but I will make a decent report for the next newsletter.

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