Attention SDSI Soccer Fans

As you are probably aware, this was a big week for San Diego soccer fans, business people and citizens (tax payers!) The SoccerCity initiative was certified by the City… the 112,000 signatures put it over the top. Mayor Faulconer (a friend to SDSI) and Councilman Sherman both endorsed the project.

It is not our place at SDSI to get involved in politics, but it seems to me, that this project deserves our attention simply because of the soccer components. I am all for anything that helps get kids off their mobile device and on to the field of play, especially in large numbers. I believe the SoccerCity proposal will help do that, so I am on board. It also has so much more, including river park space and access to the trolley.  And can be done without taxpayer subsidy, which we know the public should and does care about.
The Council has two choices: approve the proposal outright or place it on a ballot. Here’s the tricky part: in order for San Diego to actually be considered by the MLS for an expansion franchise, action will be required this year, before the MLS board votes. The SoccerCity folks want this to go to a special election in November of this year. There is plenty of push back on this by those who oppose the opportunity. Delay past the MLS deadline means the end of this effort, and that would be a shame. The people should have a chance to vote on this...when it matters! So, whether you endorse the project or not, we should all care about the rights of the voters and the over 112,000 people who signed the SoccerCity petition. 

So what can we all do to help?  Here goes: 

  • Get in contact with the Council and let them know how important the vote this year is and that you support it and the project.
  • If you can contact your councilmember (either the councilmember where you live or where your place of business is) with this message, it will be very important to the success of SoccerCity.
  • Calls, emails and letters are all good ways to communicate, and the more personalized the better.  Remember to include your name and address (anonymity isn't valued in a political world)
  • The email, phone and mailing address for all Councilmembers can be found here. If you need to know which district you're in, please go to this link and look for the "find my council district" button. 

-Bob Rie
Executive Director, SDSI

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