Doing Well, Doing Good (Dec Newsletter)

So much to be thankful for... how about starting with living here… and pursuing our outdoor passions in what many people would consider paradise! Or for all of our amazing (and often eclectic) friends, associates, even competitors. Or those awesome sunrises that the dawn patrol surfers see, or 12 hours later, those amazing December sunsets we all see. Thankful, indeed, to work with the inspirational and selfless Bill and Lori Walton. Thankful to see new companies and jobs and a healthier economy in general. Or very thankful that organizations like the Kilkenny’s Lucky Duck Foundation have stood tall and tried to address the human catastrophe called “homelessness.” Doing Good for others counts the most and I think it's a timely point in the Calendar to remind ourselves that our successes are diminished by the sad experiences of the less fortunate in San Diego. I hope next year at this time I can report to you that I am thankful for trying harder to help those in need!

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