Is It Worth It?


Now there is a question that no Executive Director of any Business Development Not for Profit, organization ever wants to hear. After all, 90% of SDSI’s revenue comes from membership. The inherent promise that we have with each SDSI member is simple: we will deliver a service to your company that represents a value greater than your membership fee.

Well, SDSI is a business development organization, so our mission is pretty clear: Help members develop the business!  The challenge is to be relevant and timely.  The second aspect of what we are doing is development of a community of businesses in our space to move the industry forward and enhance the greater good.  For many, the blend of doing well and doing good is key.

I thought you might be interested to hear about a few of our recent activities and business topics:
• Montly SDSI Breakfast Collab: Ask the 'Eggs'pert
• Sourcify, Global manufacturing strategies and tariff management
• Corporate Valuation
• Specialty Financing
• Amazon 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
• Digital Marketing
• Cross Border visits to Taylor Guitars
• Rapid Prototyping
• CBD and Sport Medicine
• Platypus Neuro Institute on Cognitive Training & Athlete performance
• Cross Border 3PL visit and Section 321
• Meet the Legends with Legendary Bob McKnight and Pam Theodosakis sponsored by Banner Bank
• 2020 Olympic Games Introductory Sports Panel
• SDSI Gateway, Accelerator, and MBA programming

… to name a few!  But, the value of an SDSI membership depends on your involvement. The business network is powerful. Being a citizen in the SDSI community is equally important.  

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