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Working to turn a business idea into a reality, means making many tough decisions, questioning estimations and crunching numbers. It’s tough to know if you’ve considered all you should in your planning, and if you need help, sometimes it’s tough to figure out exactly what help you need. For those who are forging ahead and working to turn an idea into a business, SDSI can help.

Our new Gateway Program takes business knowledge from conceptual to real world.  With this program you gain access to the SDSI Business Plan Template and see firsthand how entrepreneurs in the launch and growth phases of their business structure their plans.  You’ll also receive one-on-one guidance from an SDSI mentor, and have the opportunity for introductions to SDSI service providers who are vetted experts in their fields. 

How Does It Work?

It Starts With the Application…

To get started, fill out the application below. The SDSI team will review your application and respond with next steps.

What Can I Expect?

A window into real world business planning - Once your application be approved, you’ll have access to the SDSI Business Plan Template Deck to aid you in your planning, and you’ll be invited to attend one of our Accelerator Program milestone panels. At this panel you’ll see how real companies in growth phases are using the SDSI template to present their business plans. You’ll see them present, refine their pitches and answer targeted questions from seasoned industry veterans. Accelerator Milestone Panels happen 8 times per year, spread roughly 6 weeks apart and you can choose to join the panel date that best fits your schedule.

One-on-one guidance from an experienced business veteran - We’ll pair you with an SDSI mentor to set-up a one hour meeting or call. You can use this time to debrief about what you saw at the Accelerator Milestone panel, ask questions and get advice to help guide your business plans. We’ll pull from our pool of over 80 mentors to match you with a seasoned expert that can address your business objectives. Also, should you have a specific professional need, we can make introductions to vetted service providers who supporting growing businesses.

What Does It Cost?

It’s free to apply to the Gateway Program. Once you’re accepted, the fee for participation is $125.

What Does It Include?

  • Access to the SDSI Business Plan Template Deck

  • Attendance at one Accelerator Milestone Panel to view business plan presentations from actual companies in growth stages

  • Matching with an experienced SDSI mentor for a one-on-one meeting (1 hour) via phone, video or in-person

  • Access and introductions to SDSI service providers

Want more details?

Download the Gateway Program Agreement here.

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