See what our companies are saying about their involvement in our Springboard Program.

"Having the opportunity to learn from experts in Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship has resulted in growth in COR's sales and given me the ability to pitch my company to investors with confidence."
– Andy Gossett, Owner, COR Surf, 2015 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“SDSI Springboard was an amazing experience for us this year… this was by far the most hands-on and rewarding experience personally. We got incredibly deep and useful insights from qualified mentors that contributed to a strong growth strategy that will help us scale the business for years to come.”
– Scott Tilton, CEO, hookit, 2016 SDSI Springboard Graduate

"Participating in the SDSI Springboard program has allowed us to scale our operations effectively, grow our visibility, and secure additional strategic partnerships."
– Joshua Windmiller, CEO Biolinq. 2014 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“We have been working really hard to prepare Shaper Studios for the Springboard Program and couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of development with SDSI. This alignment will allow us to work closely with some of the great business minds in Southern California as we grow and add value to the San Diego sports community.”
– Chris Clark, Founder & CEO, Shaper Studios. 2013 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“Since we began this journey, nothing has compared to the fortune of what we gained from our relationship with SDSI. Their mentors give up valuable time to make a difference in the lives of our local business owners. They are committed, passionate and genuinely driven by seeing us succeed.”
– Keir Dillon, CEO, Frends. 2012 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“The mentoring I received in my first meeting alone was some of the most priceless business information I have ever learned. For a small business owner to be able to connect with the level of people that donate their time to SDSI is priceless. I feel like I have real, inside information on how the best brands became successful.”
– Kristen Buchanan, Founder & CEO, The GoodOnYa Bar. 2013 SDSI Springboard Graduate

"The SDSI Springboard program establishes San Diego as THE place to be if you want to grow your business in the sports and active lifestyle industry. I'm infinitely grateful for all I've learned- the program far exceeded my expectations. Thank you SDSI!" 
-Elizabeth Skwiot, Founder, Cirque-It Fitness. 2017 SDSI Springboard Graduate

"SDSI sharpens your focus on your Company. It is like a school for pitching businesses. If you are an entrepreneur you need to learn the skills SDSI develops."
– Bryce Hepworth, Founder, Dbot5 2015 SDSI Springboard Graduate

"Springboard was critical for getting us plugged into the San Diego innovation ecosystem and directly led to us finding our manufacturer who has been our partner now for more than six years."
– Bryan Pate, Co-founder, ElliptiGO, 2009 SDSI Springboard Graduate

"SDSI Springboard helped me craft my company’s message, both to the consumer and potential investors.  With the refined message I was able to attract an investor (first introduction was at a SDSI event) that will allow the company to grow substantially faster than ever before."
– Tim Fitzpatrick, Founder, The EPIC Series Obstacle Challenge, 2015 Springboard Graduate

“For a fellow entrepreneur looking to gain access to mentors that are willing to dedicate their time, instill their knowledge and open up their Rolodex, it’s a must. Anyone that goes through the SDSI Springboard program will have much more intimate knowledge with every aspect of their business plan after sharing it with people whose opinions are honest and educated.”
– David Bronkie, Co-Founder, Arcade Belts. 2013 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“Best thing our company has ever done. The springboard program has been instrumental in putting our company in the perfect position to raise money. We now have laser focus with our business model and financial analysis. The mentors went above and beyond to help us perfect our business model and identify our strengths. I would recommend this program to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business and potentially raise money.”
– Ian Sells, Co-Founder, 2013 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“Graduating from SDSI Springboard was a transformational experience in the growth and direction of Springboard helped refine our investment pitch and uncover many new opportunities and methods to grow our business and fast track us for success. We also made many new key contacts along the way. We can not be more appreciative of the support and guidance of SDSI, Connect and the Springboard program.”
– Tom Crichton, Founder, 2013 SDSI Springboard Graduate

"SDSI Springboard makes you re-think your product, service, thoughts on the market and your strategy to the extent that there is only one way to achieve success. It really does make you work hard and keeps you thinking about what is necessary for the whole 20 weeks. But you will achieve what you aim for if you just put in the work and time."
- Asko Roine, VULCAM. 2017 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“The springboard program is one of the most unique and valuable programs an aspiring entrepreneur could ask for, the education, guidance and relationships that are part of the process are absolutely priceless.  This sort of altruistic behavior is exactly what the American-dream is built on.  Everyone wants to get ahead today but who takes the time to help the people promoting change and innovating, usually no one.  At springboard the time and energy invested by the Entrepreneurs In Residence, advisers and organizers allow for real learning and business plan development.  This sort of consultation is nearly impossible to find otherwise, or at the very least is one sided or overly expensive.  I have a deep gratitude to SDSI, Connect and Springboard for helping me realize my dreams and create a context to do the same for others.  Consider yourself lucky to be a part of the programs.”
– Isaiah Truman, CEO, EZIA Human Performance. 2012 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“I am extremely grateful for going through the SDSI Springboard  program. The process itself is the most valuable part of the program.  Each phase of the program requires you to think about a different key business question not only for potential investors but also for the entrepreneur’s understanding of their own business potential and viability. And I have never heard of another program where mentors actually volunteered so much of their time helping the entrepreneurs. I hope to become one of their success stories and giving back my time to future participants.”
– Karlo Teran, Founder, 2012 SDSI Springboard Graduate

“We are thrilled to be accepted into the SDSI Springboard 2.0 class 2.  The knowledge and guidance provided by our team of mentors will be invaluable for the development and growth of our business. Having access to some of the greatest start-up minds in the country is an opportunity we intended to make the most of.”
– Charlie Wund, Founder & President, Agency for Student Health Research. 2013 SDSI Springboard Graduate