Summer Windup...

Well, we are all locked in with summer events, warm ocean water and fun times, but the new school session starts in just a week or so, and the Fall Activities are restarting around San Diego. SDSI is no different.

Our Springboard Class Number 8 has been heavily over subscribed. As many know the Springboard metrics are pretty amazing: 89% survival rate, 390 new jobs, 61 graduate Companies who have raised around $47 Million.  Companies wanting access to the program still exceed the Mentor population, so we can only accept 4 or 5 companies per 20 week session. Each Springboard company that is accepted gets a seasoned team of mentors, people who are truly specialists in the space.  Class 8 has a very rich mixture of aspiring brands and we have very high expectations for them. If you are not familiar with Springboard, take a look here on the website. I will say it: Springboard is the best value you will ever find for help in growing a company. Every graduate is guaranteed a world class business plan and a head start in success.

This month our General membership meeting will be at Rinse Kit in Carlsbad, August 25. Eric Fagan will walk us through the pretty amazing ride that RinseKit experienced with Kickstarter.  For every company contemplating a crowd fund capital raise, this is a “must” meeting. RSVP thru Nick.

The Advisory Board meeting will be August 30, at Challenged Athletes Foundation. If you are an Advisory Board member and have not yet been to CAF, that's reason enough to attend! The topic however will be Cross Border Manufacturing, presented and moderated by Taylor Guitars. As many of you know, Mexico is slowly becoming known as the “new China.” Its 15 time zones and 5,000 miles closer than the “old” China, and the Mexican economy is very strong currently. FYI, there are over 40,000 people employed in the Medical device space alone…high tech for sure. In spite of all the uninformed politico talk, Mexico can be a great place to manufacture. I am sure it will be a fascinating day.

That's it. If we can help your business, or if you are aware of a company in the “San Diego Lifestyle” sector who would benefit from an SDSI membership, let us know. We’ll be happy to follow through.