It Takes a Community (January Newsletter)


The most common question we get at SDSI is, “what does SDSI do?” It has always been a tough question. Originally we were focused on Action Sports; that proved to be too narrow. The result was the development of the now familiar acronym: SAL… "Sport and Active Lifestyle" companies. That was far more effective and included far more businesses. But…what do we do?

The answer was we are a business development group focused on the SAL space and we promote, well, our business interests. And our Springboard program helps accelerate young companies. It's a pretty good answer: in fact we spend a majority of our time providing educational and networking experiences to the membership in different ways. In our recent past we have enjoyed a wide range of activities, Guy Kawasaki to valuation and Amazon workshops. Our revenue came from memberships. We try hard to render value to each member. Our renewal rate is our pulse, and we are healthy by all measures.

But the circle was completed when our Industry Chairman John Sarkisian noted in his Holiday message that SDSI has created a business oriented healthy living community, where previously there wasn’t one. The very word “community” implies a greater collective interest and a recruitment of resources to achieve a greater good. But what do we do?

SDSI is a business development community that creates companies, jobs and commerce in the Sport and Active Lifestyle space. Our membership represents the 1200 SAL business in San Diego, all of whom play a role in the San Diego Lifestyle. Our collective economic activity ranks in the Billions of dollars in Commerce. Our Springboard program is an engine of creativity having now graduated 71 Companies, helped raise $76M in capital, and enjoy an 87% successful track record. Importantly, in this amazing Year of the Woman, 41% of our graduate companies are female founded or led.

And the Springboard Mentor community in this year will donate 1,600 hours of selfless dedication to helping young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

So that's what our community is and does. We are executives, individual companies, ideas, investors, San Diegans rallying around creativity, business energy, and giving. Not Bad!
Springboard Class 11 recruiting is underway. Direct your favorite young company to apply and watch the magic happen!

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