It takes a... Rolodex? (Feb Newsletter)


On an annual basis your dedicated team here at SDSI strategizes about SDSI… even though we do not produce a product or deliver a specific service, its harder than I ever thought possible. The reason is we are thinking about the value of an organization to... you! Our high level mission is simple: SDSI is a business development community that creates companies, jobs and commerce in the Sport and Active Lifestyle space.

At the practical level our mission is to connect. SDSI averages 110 active members per year. All in all, we represent many vertical business segments, all united by our love for San Diego and of course, the need to nurture our businesses.

That’s where it gets complicated as each member company most likely has a different expectation of the value they want from SDSI. We spend a large collective amount of energy assessing individual companies’ needs, and then try to activate our resources to help make it happen. When it clicks and we match purpose with result, everyone is happy.

Part of the strategy review is to see how we can become more efficient in terms of connecting the community. And the first step is to actually find out what SDSI activities really count! As a consequence we decided to add to our innate ability to guess by actually polling you! Do us a big favor and respond. The survey will arrive next week in your email.

So, what’s this Rolodex “thing.” Even in this digital age I think the word “Rolodex” is symbolic of connecting. One of the real differentiating factors that help make SDSI unique from other business organizations in town is the value of the SDSI collective Rolodex of contacts. We are not about exchanging business cards; we are ALL about the utilization of a data base that is completely relevant to our business space. There are 110 members. If each company executive shared 10 key business service contacts, you would have 1,100 core resources germane for our business space. That is a very powerful tool. And that's why we would like to hear from you!