SDSI Joins the Podcast World (April Newsletter)

Lately the word “community” has been popping up more and more at SDSI. If we back track 9 years ago, the membership was essentially an eclectic group of individuals. It’s true, we all shared a little “something” that made us or our Brands edgy or maybe eccentric. The denominator that joined us… love of the San Diego Lifestyle and the business opportunities it created… was yet to be discovered. Under Bill Walton and John Sarkisian’s leadership we found the “it.” Fast forward to today and 100 separate companies have discovered that we are in fact a community. A $3.6 Billion dollar community! We have spoken recently about the members who have stepped up from being a resident in the community to being an active, involved citizen. Awesome.

It’s interesting. I agree we are all social beings and wired to connect. But our differences are substantive when compared to the norm. Our lifestyle activities, beach to desert, and all in between, have put our community on a unique path, with a unique branding attitude, and a necessity to separate from the pack and create our own destiny. Most of us are not doing what Mom hoped for!

Last week at the Eye of the Innovator event at the Belly Up, we had an amazing opportunity to hear from the Founders of Sector 9, prAna, and Hookit. Bill’s intro and Denise Yohn’s moderator skills were a huge “add” to the programming… It was very up close and informative…. inspiring and re-assuring as well. Check out the quotes Denise pulled from the event – some really great advice!

I was struck by the authenticity of the experience as well. I estimated that 1/3 of the attendees were Founders or early players in their Brand. How often have you been anywhere where that was true?

There’s more good news. The Belly Up facility is so “wired” that we were able to capture the presentations in excellent high quality audio. The consequence is 3 new podcasts. Iteration 1 can be found on iTunes, spotify, Google Play Music, or here for your listening pleasure. We will release one additional podcast per month, here forward.


Thank you to the 130 attendees at the event… to Mike Lawrence at Morgan Stanley and Danny DeMichelle at Elevated Internet Marketing, thanks for your sponsorship and great Leadership… Bill W, Denise, Panelists… BIG Thank You as well!

Hey, listen in!

Read the full newsletter here (sorry for the typo… I realize now that we are in APRIL, not March - time flies when you’re having fun at SDSI)