Tokyo Olympics 2020: Be there for the first ever Surf, Skate, Climb Olympics (May Newsletter)

Hats off to Reef’s co-Founder Fernando Aguerre. Principally through his insight, commitment and relentless energy, there will be a modern Olympics, one that includes Surf, Skate and Climbing. Yup, the 2020 Olympics will be a break through where FINALLY the Olympic sport array will go modern… and we, and I hope you, definitely want to be there to see it all happen. Together we can share the inside look at the competition as seen through the eyes of our “tribe.”

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To make sure we do indeed get the insider’s look at the event and take in the marvels of Tokyo, we have teamed up with Adam Daily at FunLy Events, a local and well known SDSI’er, San Diegan, and veteran Olympic travel operator. He has a crafted up a trip for us July 23 to 29th, 2020. We’ll stay in the right places, go to the cool spots, see the right events… and get to travel with friends who really “get it.”

This is a great opportunity for personal travel or even as reward travel for core employees at your business. We are “all in” on this for sure…go to and make it happen!


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