Introducing: SD Lifestyle Originals

For years, it has been our goal to honor the brands and founders that have really made a significant impact on the San Diego Lifestyle. We have finally made something happen on this and put together a list of San Diego Lifestyle Originals that will be displayed on our website and we will share a company profile on each newsletter going forward… Our first one may be the quintessential piece of the San Diego Lifestyle – the fish taco!


Man meets fish taco. Man eats fish taco. Man falls in love with fish taco. Such was the case for Ralph Rubio, co-founder of Rubio's. As a college student, Ralph made regular pilgrimages to Mexico's best beaches to surf, sun and socialize, just exactly like many of us locals did. And like us, it was on one of these trips that Ralph sat down at a seaside taqueria and met his true love. He was hooked on the fish taco.

Unlike the rest of us, Ralph took action. With the help of his family, Ralph opened his first Rubio's, a walk-up stand in Mission Bay, San Diego. It was at that walk-up stand that America had its first taste of the fish taco. Soon, they too were hooked. As word of Ralph's fish tacos spread, so did his business. One restaurant quickly expanded to three, and before long, San Diego's best-kept secret was out. Rubio's started a fish taco phenomenon that spread from coast to coast. Each new restaurant brought not just The Original Fish Taco® recipe, but also Ralph's commitment to fresh and high quality ingredients. A commitment that has become as synonymous with Rubio’s as the taco that made it a coastal favorite. And “hats off” to Ralph for his vision and drive: he is one of San Diego’s true pioneers in exporting the culinary side of the San Diego lifestyle!

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