Transformation = Opportunity?? (Sept Newsletter)

Does Transformation Equal Opportunity?


“Transformative Times” might be a euphemism for turmoil and confusion. The tumult and noise of government certainly is not a breeding ground for good business. And I think the same can be said for the disruption that is ongoing in our collective marketplaces. Our 24-hour omni market impacts every element of the supply chain from product inception to sales. Legacy brands have large, at risk, brick and mortar distribution. Young brands have no traditional retail and are initially free from all the margin tug-a-wars that often poison relationships. Technology, and Amazon, continue in an often disrespectful march forward without regard to legacy or branding or price. And currency and strategic manufacturing has re-emerged as a necessity for long term planning. And consumers? Well, locally it's clear that convenience is now on par with price as a consumer motivator.

Yikes… if this is opportunity, what does confusion look like?

There is no simple solution, of course. The shock and awe of the market transformation has resulted in a certain familiarity. Traditional retail has upped its game and started to turn the social revolution to its benefit. Brand managers are super aware of the impact of social marketing, both pro and con. Many now realize that successful brands have to stand for its values, especially in the absence of traditional leadership. Strategic corporate players are now re-aligning global manufacturing resources. Planned change is indeed happening.

The challenge for many SDSI executives is simply escaping the tactical world for even a brief period to gain wisdom or experience from others. And that is specifically why it is important for Executive members to get out of the cubicle and why it is so important for SDSI to provide leadership and educational opportunities that are relevant and timely.

We hope you have joined us for the Cross-Border trips…to Taylor Guitars and Baja Fulfillment. Or that you are aware of the Section 321 tariff strategies to avoid all tariffs on B to C or D to C. Or that Tecate and Tijuana based 3PLs are built around well-educated and willing warehouse personnel compensated at a lower rate than the average counterpart in China. Did you see Nathan Resnick at T’s Café (or on CNBC) discussing strategic manufacturing? Or Hookit’s amazing digital analyses of the value of sponsorship as seen through the eye of the global social network? Or the amazing presentation from Dr. David Bach at the Platypus Nuero about cognitive training and sport?

I am suggesting that transformative times can indeed be times of major opportunity. Networking may trump clairvoyance and it's a lot more fun. Join us, join your fellow execs, in the intense networking entity that we are. It's a great community, all the better when you are part of it!

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